Outages in wales ?

Marc Manthey marc at let.de
Sun Jul 19 10:53:07 UTC 2009

>> On Sat Jul 18, 2009 at 09:31:56PM +0200, Marc Manthey wrote:
>>> hey peoples sorry for my question
>>> but a buddy in wales have massive problems with internet  
>>> connectivity
>>> can someone confirm ?
>> I'm just on the welsh border, and I've not seen any issues reported  
>> - my
>> home ADSL is up, our office connectivity (in the Welsh valleys) is  
>> up, and
>> customer networks in Wales are up.
>> Sounds like it's a more localised problem.
> I think my parents are still on plus.net, and I was on our multi  
> hour video chat when this question was posed, so I'm pretty sure  
> Cardiff ADSL was ok :)

thanks john,  rob and simon

  i hope i can visit wales someday :-))) , it looks very nice, but the  
accent is for me as an  europen non native english speaker

nearly incomprehensible  :-0


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