Nexus 7K usage w/VDC, vPC - anybody?

Ryan Hughes rshughes at
Sat Jul 18 22:51:33 UTC 2009

Currenet 4.1 is a little flaky for vPC; running a set up with 4.1.5ES (TAC
release) - recommendation is to wait and go with 4.2.1 when that releases.
Haven't had any issues with the VDC features - still using 6500 in the core
for the time being. Most installs I've seen have resulted in some TAC case
or another. I've had pretty good results with the N5K platform as whole.


On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 5:59 PM, Stefan <netfortius at> wrote:

> I'd be interested to know if anybody has been using the Cisco N7K
> platform, especially in vertical consolidation mode (aggr and core as
> VDCs, and dual Nexus VPC-ed together)? Any comments on this system,
> even outsde this narrow scope of my previous question? Anybody using
> these as server access systems, in DCs?
> Thank you,
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