Cisco 7600 (7609) as a core BGP router.

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Sat Jul 18 10:26:52 UTC 2009

On Jul 18, 2009, at 5:05 PM, Darren Bolding wrote:

> Can someone provide a link, or more detail, on the netflow issues.
> Particularly as they relate to 6509's and sup720's.

mls table can hold 256K entries at 93% efficiency, so you end up with  
about 239K flows total.  No packet-sampled control of flow creation,  
so the table is likely to be overflowed in production edge situations,  
leading to non-deterministically skewed stats.

No logical OR of TCP flags throughout a TCP flow - can't classify SYN- 
floods, RST-floods, et. al.

No stats on dropped traffic.

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