Cisco 7600 (7609) as a core BGP router.

Steven King sking at
Fri Jul 17 16:30:50 CDT 2009

We use the 7600 platform as a Customer Border device. It attaches
directly to our core, and directly to our customers. This has been a
solid platform. Before this we used to use the 7600 as a load balancer
for a DNS cluster. Worked fairly well. We use the 6500 series for our
main network infrastructure and to border/core/dist layers and they are
rock solid, as long as you stay away from the SXH images. These are a
bit buggy and we have had routers crash due to that image. We have
deployed a few new devices with the SXI and are very happy with them

Jim Wininger wrote:
> I have an opportuniy to put two 7609s into the core of my network.
> Currently we have 3 upstream providers, taking full BGP routes. (2 in one
> router and one in another). We have 17 BGP peers/customers (peering to each
> router), and adding about one new BGP peer every 2-3 months. It is a modest
> network by most standards. We are running OSPF and BGP between the existing
> routers.
> Not rocket science, nothing special (no MPLS, no VRF etc), very simple
> network.
> Does anyone have any recommendations on the 7600's as a core BGP router?
> Good or bad? Have they been a stable platform in a core/BGP environment?

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