Border routers

Livio Zanol Puppim livio.zanol.puppim at
Thu Jul 16 20:40:33 UTC 2009

Hello guys,

I need to buy 2 border routers to handle 2 155Mbps links using BGP full
route with each ISP. What may I analyse at the routers hardware?

I'm asking for:
1Giga Byte of RAM expansible to 1,5GB
1.000.000 FIB capacity in hardware (since 512K won't be enought soon)
1.000.000 RIB capacity.

What do you recommend to ask for? Are these specifications ok? Do I need
more RAM or less FIB?
Is there any site I can use to see specifications for border routers? Anyone
knows of any PoC involving routers?


Lívio Zanol Puppim

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