The actual value, from a security standpoint, of using a proxy domain registrar?

Etaoin Shrdlu shrdlu at
Wed Jul 15 22:43:24 UTC 2009

Mike Lyon wrote:

> Howdy,
> I am curious what others in the industry think on this topic. When one
> registers a domain they can put in their real information or they can use a
> proxy, like Go-Daddy's Domains By Proxy.
> Now, personally, I would prefer just to get a PO Box and put that address on
> my domain info instead of doing a proxy. I could also put down a phone
> number in the registration that just goes to my general business phone line
> which is just a DVR.


> What's the difference between using a proxy vs using a PO Box except that a
> PO Box is cheaper?

As others have already said, it doesn't really provide any security. In 
addition, it makes the company doing it appear amateurish. One expects 
professional behavior from a company. There are certainly reasons one 
might choose to obscure the ownership of a domain, but none of them are 
sound business reasons.

For the sake of your management, pick a few domains at random, do a 
whois on them, and print them out, as examples of grown up companies (I 
chose, microsoft,com,, and myself).

> I'd just like to get thoughts from others to see what the general feeling is
> on this topic.

Just tell them no, in the most diplomatic way possible (lucky for them 
it's you and not me, since I am not always so diplomatic as I ought to be).

As a quick aside, I did see someone advise you that you could use the 
fedgov do not call list for your phone, but if it's a business phone, 
you cannot.

I tried being reasonable once. I didn't like it.
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