The actual value, from a security standpoint, of using a proxy domain registrar?

Ray Sanders Ray.Sanders at
Wed Jul 15 22:13:26 UTC 2009

My opinion is that it's nothing more than a "value-add" for domain
registrars.  The domain registration fees these days have razor thin
margins. So places like Godaddy and others offer these services to make
up for their domains essentially being "loss-leaders". 

A lot of these places use scare tactics to convince domain buyers that
"privacy" is essential, otherwise one would get spam, telemarketing
calls and junk mail.   

Well, that's partly true, as some companies do scrape whois data. 

So does maintaining a P.O box, a phone number that goes direct to voice
mail, as well as a separate "junk mail" email account cost you less than
about $20 a year?   I'm not sure, but having your number on the do not
call list (if you are in the U.S) is free, receiving junk mail doesn't
cost anything and neither does a hotmail/yahoo/gmail account. 

So, to get to my point, from a "security" standpoint my opinion is that
domain "privacy" is of as much benefit as hiding under the covers of my
bed if an attacker breaks into my home. 

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 14:52 -0700, Mike Lyon wrote:
> Howdy,
> I am curious what others in the industry think on this topic. When one
> registers a domain they can put in their real information or they can use a
> proxy, like Go-Daddy's Domains By Proxy.
> Now, personally, I would prefer just to get a PO Box and put that address on
> my domain info instead of doing a proxy. I could also put down a phone
> number in the registration that just goes to my general business phone line
> which is just a DVR.
> So the question I have is this: What actual security are these proxy
> companies providing to the end-user?  My company website has my real
> address, my real phone number, exec bio's and pictures of them yet upper
> management (and our marketing company) think using a proxy is a good thing.
> What's the difference between using a proxy vs using a PO Box except that a
> PO Box is cheaper?
> I'd just like to get thoughts from others to see what the general feeling is
> on this topic.
> Cheers,
> Mike
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