Issues accessing from new(ish) US range

Frank Bulk - frnkblk at
Wed Jul 15 08:58:56 CDT 2009

A few others I would check: 
- Akamai (you can contact them via their web page, but there are also people
on this listserv that can check, too)
- Google (if their search pages comes up in American English, you're good to
go, otherwise there's info in their help that will let you fill out a form)
- MaxMind (there's a contact form on their web page)

Contact me offline if you want a list of (more minor) GeoIP sites I have


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Subject: Issues accessing from new(ish) US range

Would someone from please contact me offlist?

Alternatively, if anyone has contact details for a vaguely clueful 
person there, that would be appreciated.

We had a new range allocated to us by ARIN around 6 months ago for our 
US business, and hulu are claiming it's non-us. Our guess is that it's a 
canned response by first-line support.

Also, does anyone happen to know which geolocation databases hulu use?


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