MGE UPS Systems

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Mon Jul 13 23:32:20 UTC 2009

ryan.slater at wrote:
> Take this with the grain of salt that I do not work for APC, but for a
> sister company.  The word that I have heard is that they are in no rush
> to discontinue any of the product line.  In fact rumor is that APC was
> very happy to have the MGE products available to them for sale to
> customers.  As a side note I have several MGE UPS in service and have
> had zero problem getting support and maintenance from APC for them.


The reason I ask is that I'm kind of attracted to the MGE Galaxy and its
paralleling N+1 capability. I had a bad experience with a frame shorting
out a few years ago after it went into bypass but didn't shut off the
inverter output; hilarity ensued. It seems like the Galaxy and Smart VT
overlap, although the Galaxy has better specs on paper. I was also
recommended a Symmetra PX 80kW frame.

I asked my rep and they were kind of ambiguous about the MGE line, hence
my redirect of the question here.


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