Please do not CC NANOG when e-mailing Dean Anderson [was: Can someone from SORBS contact me offlist?]

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Mon Jul 13 15:07:27 CDT 2009



Please do not CC nanog at when replying to one of Dean  
Anderson's ... uh ... missives[*].  We do not see the original, so by  
replying and CC'ing the list, you are helping him get his ... er ...  
message[*] to a wider audience.  And if you have actually read any of  
his ... umm ... posts[*], then you should realize that is to the  
list's detriment.

I'd suggest the same for other lists too, but definitely for NANOG  
related stuff.


[*] I have been very careful to not call them what they really are for  
fear of the MLC. :)

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