BGP Growth projections

Ray Burkholder ray at
Sun Jul 12 19:51:28 UTC 2009

> On 2009-07-12-06:09:12, Arie Vayner <arievayner at> wrote:
> > Unless you are a major transit operator (which beats the "small ISP"
> > requirement), you don't really need a full view, and can do we a 
> > limited view with a default route.
> Disagree.  Protection against big-provider depeerings, 
> interdomain capacity problems, etc is increasingly relevant 
> to smaller sites interested in getting business done.  While 
> some will outsource this protection their (non-transit-free) 
> provider, others enjoy maintaining this granularity of 
> control themselves...

Specifically, with full routes, us "small ISP" people can match ASNs with
traffic in Netflow to see where our traffic goes/comes from, and thus do
capacity/link/peer/transit/traffic planning and problem mitigation.

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