Can someone from SORBS contact me offlist?

Brielle Bruns bruns at
Sat Jul 11 21:37:33 UTC 2009

On 7/11/09 12:47 PM, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> Given that you said AHBL requires two weeks to remove good IP addresses
> unless there is an "established contact", I'll be sure never to use said
> list.  Suppose my business partner gets listed?  Am I to ruin our
> relationship for two weeks because you are busy or don't like the fact
> we don't pay you?  We didn't pay you to list us either.

Actually, if its a simple issue with a proxy or trojan, if you use the 
removal tool, provided the IP comes back clean from our tester, you are 
removed within 12-24 hours.

If it requires manual intervention, yeah, its going to take longer.  Our 
original idea was to base removal time on how long the listing was in 
the AHBL.  If you hosted and gladly accepted money from a spam spewer 
for a year, and only decided to terminate them after they didn't pay, 
you'd be listed for somewhere in between 6 months to a year.

Those two weeks are our buffer for seeing if said spam source is really 
gone, or just shut off long enough to fool us.  We've been lied to so 
many times, its hard to justify doing instant removals on request.

Further, there is such thing as a local whitelist of IP addresses.

> Besides, there are plenty of useful blacklists with very low FP rates
> who are responsive.  Why use one that has high FP and is unresponsive?

*shrugs*  Thats up to you.  I never held a gun to your head telling you 
to use the AHBL.

> Running a blacklist sucks.  It's got to be one of the hardest jobs for a
> white-hat to do on the 'Net.  But if you don't like it, don't do it.
> Doing it then complaining about it after is .. silly.

I'm not complaining.  People talk shit about Michelle, and yes, I will 
get involved.  She's a friend of mine, and a fellow DNSbl maintainer.

Brielle Bruns
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