Can someone from SORBS contact me offlist?

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Sat Jul 11 21:30:48 UTC 2009

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> Nuno Vieira - nfsi wrote:
>> That's good to know.
>> I'll avoid using it.
> Holy crap, what's with all the AHBL hate? At the very least they have a 
> responsive human and - last time I checked - they don't require an 
> exchange of money to get off the list. I'd hazard a guess that "two weeks" 
> includes the responsiveness of the other party. I unsuspended a domain 
> yesterday because the other party just now got around to the notices I 
> sent 3 months ago on their hacked content manager hosting phishing sites.
> People bitch and whine about free services more than when they actually 
> pay for something. Sad.
> ~Seth

"Proxy removal is functioning (sort of).  Any other type of removal is no 
longer possible.
Do not contact us about removals."

That's quoted from their web site. No method of communications except 
through the proxy, which is only "sort of" working. So, if someone is 
listed, and the proxy only sort or works and can't remove them, there's no 

Micheal Patterson

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