OEMs for X2 10G LAN PHY optics

Adam Rothschild asr+nanog at latency.net
Fri Jul 10 21:25:43 UTC 2009

On 2009-07-10-14:21:49, Duane Waddle <duane.waddle at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am searching for opinions on OEMs of X2 form factor 10G LAN PHY
> optics.  We've found that most router/switch vendors  mark these
> particular items up significantly just to provide their own
> sticker/EEPROM ID.  As such, we'd prefer if we can to procure from the
> OEM (or their reseller).  Is this a situation where any company who's
> a signatory to the MSA produces suitable modules, or are there
> particular OEMs to prefer (or avoid)?
> If it matters, the prime platform we're looking to plug optics into is
> the WS-X6708-10G module for a 6500/7600.

I'd suggest looking at FluxLight (www.fluxlightinc.com) for this.
Their sales and support process is nothing short of stellar, and
pricing is a fair medium between "paying too much for vendor optics"
and "fly-by-night eBay imports".

To wit, all of their products Just Worked without ever needing Cisco's
infamous 'service unsupported-transceiver' vendor lock override.


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