Point to Point Ethernet

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Hate to say it, but also some of the cost on the circuits can be blamed
on uncle Sam. ATM circuits are currently tariffed that same way are
voice circuits. These tariffs are not charged to Ethernet because it is
a 'data circuit'. At least that was the case a little while back.

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Seth Mattinen wrote:
> Chris Adams wrote:
>> Once upon a time, Ricky Beam <jfbeam at gmail.com> said:
>>> Ethernet is cheap because it's everywhere, and built into almost  
>>> everything. (however, the likes of Cisco and Juniper still charge insane  
>>> amounts for line cards, be they ethernet, T1, or OC48.) Given the choice  
>>> of buying a $4k DS3 card or just plugging into an existing, builtin  
>>> ethernet port, which do you think most people will choose?
>> Also, if you are plugging in a lower-speed link, you can plug ethernet
>> in a <$1000 switch and trunk it to a router, while a mux for T1/T3/OCx
>> circuits costs a lot more.
> I just ordered a circuit to be delivered over Ethernet - Verizon just
> plugged a pair of STM-1's into an ISG5100 and it's suddenly ridiculously
> cheaper.
> ~Seth
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