OEMs for X2 10G LAN PHY optics

Duane Waddle duane.waddle at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 18:21:49 UTC 2009


I am searching for opinions on OEMs of X2 form factor 10G LAN PHY
optics.  We've found that most router/switch vendors  mark these
particular items up significantly just to provide their own
sticker/EEPROM ID.  As such, we'd prefer if we can to procure from the
OEM (or their reseller).  Is this a situation where any company who's
a signatory to the MSA produces suitable modules, or are there
particular OEMs to prefer (or avoid)?

If it matters, the prime platform we're looking to plug optics into is
the WS-X6708-10G module for a 6500/7600.

Thanks in advance


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