Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Fri Jul 10 17:50:31 UTC 2009

On Jul 10, 2009, at 12:05 PM, Paul Wall wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 4:43 PM, tb<tbraning at> wrote:
>> My name is Todd Braning, I work on the technical side of the BandCon
>> house.  I am afraid Paul's email is inaccurate.
> Yo Todd!
> It's good to hear that you've listened to feedback and made these key
> operational operational changes.  I wish you the best of luck going
> foward.  Please keep in mind that I wasn't trying to smear your
> company, but rather provide the original poster with real-word
> feedback on a particular vendor whose customers I've worked with many
> times over.  It would be great if you could stay on the list and join
> us in future discussions.
> Keeping things topical for the NANOG list, could you tell us a little
> more about BandCon's transport offering  as relates to backbone
> policy?  Is IP transit traffic preferenced over your PWEs, or the
> other way around, or are they both FIFO'd?  What TE, QoS policy, and
> signaling/congestion controls have you deployed to deal with multiple
> customers purchasing 10G pipes and competing for access to a single
> 10G path between metros?  Do you have a general policy on
> oversubscription ratios you'd be able to share without going into
> NDA'ed territory?

Most excellent questions.  Do you have this information for other  
providers?  I guarantee much of the rest of the community would like  
to know these factoids for the large backbones around the world?

Or were you just banging on Todd 'cause your first flame fizzled? :)

> Also on-topic, I know a lot of community members have voiced RECENT
> concern with the relentless tactics of your sales force, some of it
> bordering on CAN-SPAM violation and criminal harassment.  Could you
> speak a little bit to what you're doing to bring this under control?
> Would it be a problem if people mail you off-list with any specific
> problems they've encountered there?

Here we agree.  Todd, if you, or anyone, can fix that, we would all be  
appreciative.  If not, it's likely the answers to Paul's previous  
paragraph won't matter as Bandcon will wither on the vine.


P.S. Sorry if I'm being a little mean to "Paul", but if you don't have  
the guts to flame from your real name, you don't deserve mercy, or  

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