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Jon Kibler wrote:
> Charles Wyble wrote:
>> All,
>> I'm currently experiencing a DDOS attack on my home DSL connection.
>> Thousands of requests to port 80.
>> I'm on an SBC business class account.
>> I'm guessing that calling the regular customer support won't get me
>> anywhere.
>> Any suggestions?
> Okay, this is going to sound REALLY lame, but IMHO it may be your best bet to
> get action from SBC:
>    1) File a police report with your local law enforcement agency and (CRITICAL)
> get a case number. (You should have well documented when the attack started,
> too. If asked why you waited so long to report it, explain that you were not
> familiar with procedures. You may also be asked what you have that someone wants
> to attack. "I don't know" is an acceptable answer, if that is the truth.) When
> local law enforcement completes taking the report, request that your local law
> enforcement escalate the case to the local/regional FBI office (specifically
> mention InfraGuard).
>    2) Call your local FBI office and ask to speak to the InfraGuard coordinator.
> (If it is a small office, they may refer you to your regional office.) Tell them
> you are being DDOSed, that you have filed a report with local law enforcement
> (give them agency and case number), tell them who is your ISP and contact
> information, and tell them ISP has been uncooperative at resolution. Ask them
> can they please help -- at a minimum, can they contact the ISP and get them to
> start null routing DDOS traffic.
> Just out of curiosity, do you have any traffic capture? If so, what type of
> attack is it? SYN flood, Apache instance starvation, etc.?
> You may want to do some packet capture for hand-over to law enforcement.
> I know this sounds lame, but I also CONSTANTLY hear from InfraGuard that they
> want to be informed of these types of attacks, and they will help when resources
> permit.
> Don't expect miracles. But it is better than nothing.
> Finally, document, document, document!!!
> Jon

I hate to reply to my own email... but as soon as I hit "SEND", I realized I
left off something important...

You said you have Business Class DSL. Is this for a business? If so, have your
lawyer contact SBC. S/he should request to talk with the department manager for
small business services. That, too, may help get action. Be sure to provide
him/her with written documentation on everything you can regarding the attack.
The more information that s/he has, the better to beat up on SBC with.

Finally, what does your TOS/SLA say about DDoS? Most have something to say about
ISP liability in the mitigation of such attacks.


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