tb tbraning at
Thu Jul 9 15:43:05 CDT 2009

Hi All,

My name is Todd Braning, I work on the technical side of the BandCon
house.  I am afraid Paul's email is inaccurate.

Here are a few facts:

BandCon offers transport services that can be configured as
unprotected or protected.  If you buy an unprotected circuit, and the
underlying transport has issues, your VC will have issues.  However
that is not the case if you purchase a protected service.

BandCon does not "just slap all your locations into one big VLAN and
let unknown unicast flooding and MAC learning sort it out".  All
circuits are provisioned as separate point to point MPLS VCs.  We do,
in fact, utilize traffic engineering and do not oversubscribe our

Regarding our NOC.  It is true that in the past, our NOC was sub par.
This is no longer the case.  About a year ago we replaced all NOC
technicians, brought in an experienced NOC manager and have made
significant progress.

Paul - I cannot find you in our customer database so I am not sure
what services you bought from BandCon. However, I would be happy to
speak with you, or anyone else interested, regarding the technical
merits of our transport services.  If anyone is interested, please
contact me.


Todd Braning

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