Drop in IPv6 traffic

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Thu Jul 9 14:58:21 UTC 2009

On Jul 9, 2009, at 10:40 AM, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> [..]
>> I ask because the AMS-IX is frequently used as an example that v6 is
>> being heavily adopted.  If it is all one source for one application,
>> that is important information to the people fighting for v6 adoption.
>> Going from peaks of 1.4 Gbps to 0.4 Gbps is impressive.  If that 0.4
>> Gbps still includes some of your traffic, it is very impressive.
> I thought it was well known that 99% of the Internet was for warez &
> p0rn....

As with many things, what is "well known" is factually incorrect. :)

YouTube, every Akamai customer, Yahoo!, other Google properties, etc.,  
make up more than 1%, and none of those are pr0n or war3z.

> In the case of IPv6 (and mostly the reason why "normal people" sign up
> for Tunnel brokers), the most traffic is NNTP because of "free news
> servers" (google for it, you'll find loads of tutorials) oh and
> BitTorrent is also a nice hefty piece.
> I also though that this was already 'revealed' in several  
> presentations
> where people actually looked at was going through their boxes.

I ask here because I have seen presentations at NANOG showing that v6  
is growing and citing these graphs as evidence.  When asking /  
commenting that most of that traffic is NNTP, I was told that was not  

Guess I got my confirmation. :)


> Fortunately there are also people who realize that IPv6 can be used  
> for
> connecting to all the boxes at home.
> /me always wonders about:
> http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2009/07/judge-throws-book-at-usenetcom-in-riaa-lawsuit.ars
> when he sees ISPs selling basically a fast link to a NNTP server thoug
> Greets,
> Jeroen

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