OT: Bringing Cisco equipment to US

JC Dill jcdill.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 14:39:14 UTC 2009

Glen Turner wrote:
> I wouldn't recommend importing the switches through your luggage.
> The few times I've tried that arranging all of the documentation
> prior to travel has really sucked. 
YMMV - I had no problems arranging the documentation.
> As a trivial example of what can
> go wrong, if you unknowingly choose an airport where customs works
> 9am-5pm and your flight arrives at 2am, then you've got a rather
> long wait in the walkway between Immigration and Customs. So long
> a wait that you're likely to encounter some other difficulty from
> the airport authorities.

FUD.  I have never encountered an International Airport where 
Immigration & Customs Enforcement was closed during the hours that 
International flights arrived.  Everyone who arrives on an International 
flight (there may be some exceptions for flights to/from Canada and 
Mexico because of NAFTA) MUST go thru ICE after they get off the 
flight.  The whole flight would be held up if ICE were not open.

The main thing that "can go wrong" is you don't have the right paperwork 
for your switches and have to pay more customs duty than you would if 
you had the proper paperwork.  Otherwise it's no different than carrying 
more than 1 laptop, or expensive camera gear, or jewelry, or any other 
expensive item with you thru an International airport when you travel.


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