Drop in IPv6 traffic

michiel.muhlenbaumer at atratoip.net michiel.muhlenbaumer at atratoip.net
Thu Jul 9 14:34:45 UTC 2009

> Michiel,
> Thank you for the information.  Could you let us know if XS4All's free
> v6 news feed went to zero, or was just dropped by some percentage?
> I ask because the AMS-IX is frequently used as an example that v6 is
> being heavily adopted.  If it is all one source for one application,
> that is important information to the people fighting for v6 adoption.
> Going from peaks of 1.4 Gbps to 0.4 Gbps is impressive.  If that 0.4
> Gbps still includes some of your traffic, it is very impressive.
> --
> patrick

Hi Patrick,

The XS4All IPv6 service is run by .. XS4All. We (XS News) run a separate
service and we were responsible for the drop from ~950Mbit IPv6 traffic to
300M IPv6 traffic at 00.30 AM last night.

I'll put the service up again (wasn't notified) and we can continue
adopting IPv6 again ;)


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