Traffic Statistics for Yesterday

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Thu Jul 9 01:13:42 UTC 2009

We were 30% higher than ever seen before in our network.... quite a jump
for about an hour...


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Ditto here.  Did not see any increase.


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Shon Elliott wrote:
> Does anyone have any data on how the memorial event for Michael
> the global backbones? This was seen as another inaugural type of
day to
> most of the people I've talked to.

99.99% of my userbase is in the rural Midwest.  Needless to say I saw no

increase in bandwidth consumption.  Now if it was a streaming memorial 
for George Strait, Garth Brooks, Little Jimmy Dickens or Willie Nelson I

suspect the consumption would have been noticeably higher.  I'm sure I 
would have had much higher bandwidth usage if the PBR National 
Championship was made available for streaming.




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