GoDaddy issues this morning?

Sean sean76 at
Wed Jul 8 20:11:50 UTC 2009

Anyone know what was the deal with GoDaddy this morning?
I sporadically could not resolve a domain I own this morning.  Checked the
authoritative and it was fine... then noticed that it was completely not
working from some ISPs but OK from others, etc.  Went to GoDaddy's site and
finally saw a small notice on their support page saying they were having
issues with Verizon customers on the east coast.  Well, I'm in Illinois and
I certainly don't consider this the east coast, however some people I know
on a Verizon DSL account could not resolve any of the domains I had
registered on GoDaddy.  Also, results from a L3 DIA were sporadic as well.
 I really didn't have much time to look at it this morning and now the
notice is gone from their site so I assume it's fixed...?

Anyone shed some light on this?
Registrar issues are so rare IMHO, Verizon routing issues on the other hand,
I'm not really sure about as I live in AT&T/Comcast country.


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