Jason Dearborn jasondearborn at
Wed Jul 8 18:59:28 UTC 2009

>  Their support sucks really really bad. I had a level 3 outtage and
> it took 10 calls to finally get them to do something. Things might
> have improved by now, but no promises. If you are getting a large
> amount of bandwidth ask for direct access to the carriers noc. That
> how we do it.

They may have also been getting the runaround from Level3.  I had a
hard down issue about a year ago when a L3 tech unpatched a mislabeled
cable in the MMR.  It took getting my local sales rep and his boss
involved to have someone drive back out and fix it.

To get back to the point, there's no excuse for Bandcon or any
reseller not to return calls promptly and provide regular status
updates -- even if their upstream support is unresponsive.  Network
Innovations, another reseller, has fantastic customer support.

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