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On Jul 8, 2009, at 12:27 PM, Kretchmer, Sam wrote:

> Anyone on here care to comment on Bandcon transit services? Anyone  
> even
> using them? They are offering me an incredible deal on transit, and  
> I was
> wondering what their reputation is.
> thanks
I don't have any usage experience, but would be very interested from  
anyone who does as well. We have spoken with them about long-haul  
circuits (with small to no commit) and their prices are indeed  
incredible. The prices we heard were for Equinix to Equinix circuits  
(specifically CHI1 & CHI3 to DAL1 & NJ2) they also quoted us great  
deals on resold IBX-link to get to IBX's that they don't have a  
physical presence in (they aren't in CHI3 for example). I do wonder  
how they can undercut everyone's price by such a margin. Were you  
seeing great quotes into non Equinix facilities?

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