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Remember that they resell bandwidth similar to that of WBS, but just
like WBS they also have their own transit networks in place now it
seems.... never been a customer of either but have talked to them....


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On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 10:27 AM, Kretchmer, Sam<samk at> wrote:
> Anyone on here care to comment on Bandcon transit services? Anyone
> using them? They are offering me an incredible deal on transit, and I
> wondering what their reputation is.

I've used Bandcon in the past, and we are actually going to be pickin
up some new transit from them shortly.... They have great deals....
but Their support sucks really really bad. I had a level 3 outtage and
it took 10 calls to finally get them to do something. Things might
have improved by now, but no promises. If you are getting a large
amount of bandwidth ask for direct access to the carriers noc. That
how we do it.



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