Point to Point Ethernet

Ivan Pepelnjak ip at ioshints.info
Wed Jul 8 13:17:55 UTC 2009

We're halfway there (OK, a bit less, they've messed up OSPF) with the
unnumbered VLAN interfaces.


What's missing is the removal of MAC layer header, but that would require
modifications to the NIC chipsets (= expensive).


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> A few time already I've wished for a fully standardized and 
> vendor interoperable way of doing a true point to point ethernet link.
> It would work just like an old leased line or synchronous 
> serial interface and completely do away with ARP, MAC 
> addresses and all that stuff.  Obviously no switches in 
> between would be allowed.
> Each side would run in "promiscuous mode" where every 
> ethernet frame is received and passed up to the network stack 
> (just like on a serial link).  Since MAC addresses are 
> useless they can be scrapped and only the ethertype field 
> remains.  This increases the effective MTU by 12 bytes.
> The framing overhead goes away and the packet can directly be 
> directly placed on the wire without taking a detour through 
> L3->L2 lookup and encapsulation step.
> More importantly one can specify the just the outgoing 
> interface again instead of the next hop:
>   ip route g0/1
> Do you think this is useful?  Maybe vendors will hear me/us.
> --
> Andre

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