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In message <20090707171251.GA2797 at>, Mark Kosters writes:
> On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 10:35:56AM -0400, Dan White wrote:
> > Are there any high level operational details you could share?
> > 
> > Specifically, are you using any commercial/OSS software to handle the 
> > (automated?) periodic key roll overs?
> We looked at Secure64's product but decided to follow the open source
> route. We are using ISC's bind (9.6.1) for resolution service 
> on ARIN-hosted servers and I'm not sure what VerSign does on theirs
> (they secondary the /8's as well) but it is modern enough to support
> NSEC RR's. As far as the zone signing and key management is concerned, we 
> are using zkt ( and are basically following 
> RIPE's model for zone signing.
> > Are you using bind? Do you have any experience or suggestions on what 
> > version to start with?
> Depends on what you want to do. For example, we are using plain
> old NSEC which bind has supported for a while. If you want to support the 
> shiny new NSEC3 that .org emits, you need to have Bind 9.6.1 or later.
> There are other authoritative servers that support DNSSEC as well
> - NSD comes to mind but I'm sure there are others as well.
> > Given that phase 3 is still a work in progress - do you anticipate 
> > giving ARIN members an automated/scripted way to submit their delegation 
> > records?
> ARIN Online is going to have a management interface to insert DS RR's.
> It would be good to hear from you and others on what sorts of ways
> you would want to interface with us on bulk data transfers/uploads
> etc. We had a BOF related to this with SWIPS at the last ARIN meeting and 
> received a lot of good feedback with the conclusion that using a restful 
> service would be a useful transport for this type of data transfer. 
> We certainly need your feedback on future services and encourage you
> and others to join an upcoming ARIN meeting so that we can get good 
> direction from you and others.
> Regards,
> Mark

	DS (DNSKEY?) to parent is a general problem which needs to
	be solved for all delegations.  It would be nice if this
	could be completely in-band child master to parent master
	so humans were completely out of the loop except to establish
	the initial DS RRset in the parent.

	Nanog however isn't the venue to discuss this.  I would
	think IETF DNSEXT WG <namedroppers at> would be
	a reasonable place to hold the discussion.

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