Dan White dwhite at
Mon Jul 6 14:35:56 UTC 2009

Hi Mark,

Are there any high level operational details you could share?

Specifically, are you using any commercial/OSS software to handle the 
(automated?) periodic key roll overs?

Are you using bind? Do you have any experience or suggestions on what 
version to start with?

Given that phase 3 is still a work in progress - do you anticipate 
giving ARIN members an automated/scripted way to submit their delegation 

- Dan

Mark Kosters wrote:
> Hi
> ARIN is now signing the /8 zones that it is authoritative for (eg
>, etc).
> This the phase two of a three-phase process. Given that is
> not yet signed, we have published a list of trust anchors that you can
> download to configure on your local recursive resolvers.
> Additional details are at
> Regards,
> Mark Kosters

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