Fire, Power loss at Fisher Plaza in Seattle

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That presumes the people at the bottom care about the big picture.  I'd
hazard to guess that the people who participate in this listserv *do* care,
but if Dilbert has even any correlation to real life, then just as often
there are people who build DNS/DHCP/etc redundantly because that's what they
were told to do, but don't have the initiative or weren't directed to look
at the bigger picture.  At the end of the day it depends on these grunts'
managers to be sure that things are being designed and implemented properly.
And even then, we know how personalities, resources, and internal inertia
more of than not develop and grow networks that aren't BCP-friendly.


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Very few companies consider these choices rationally; often because
choices are made by different groups.  I am amazed how many times
inside of an ISP the folks deploying the DNS and mail servers are
firewalled from the folks deploying the network, to the point where
you have to get to the President to reach common management.  This
leads to them making choices in opposite directions that end up
costing extra money the company, and often resulting in a much lower
uptimes than expected.  Having the network group deploy a single point
of failure to the "Tier 4" data center the server guys required is,
well, silly.


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