Telephones for Noisy Data Centers

Anton Kapela tkapela at
Wed Jul 1 18:59:47 UTC 2009


On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 1:25 PM, Jay Hennigan<jay at> wrote:


> emergency phone at a data center.  It's usable by anyone.  Ever try handing
> your bluetooth headset with custom earmold to the electrician working on the
> UPS?
> Data centers tend to be noisy in more than just the acoustic spectrum,
> mobile reception often isn't the greatest.

I wanted to mention that, surprisingly, the cisco 7921 wifi** voip
handset (skinny only, so far...), in both g711 and g722 wideband mode
(i.e. intra facility paging, noc/colo dialog, etc) has yielded simply
amazing results where I've deployed or tried it within colo

Perhaps it's the noise canceler within the phone or some white
noise-reducing aspect of g722 itself--whatever the reason, results are
simply excellent. When the call is within the 'wideband capable' call
manager domain, even better results seem to occur (at least that's
what staff tell me...). Imagine calling your colo team and not having
to repeat yourself due to noise or low-fidelity.

Too bad we can't transport this (g722) over the PSTN; perhaps we'd
have fewer "oops, I thought you said XYZ should be power-cycled!"
experiences with them driving "remote hands" around.


**In colos where I've had the chance to install .11g+.11a WIFI for
customer and casual access, the coverage invariably ends up being
quite good (stash enough AP1231's on 'clean' spectrum, anything works)
-- but YMMV, no warranties, etc.

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