can I ask mtu question

Brad Fleming bdfleming at
Fri Jan 30 19:06:03 UTC 2009

KanREN runs Foundry (Brocade) NetIron XMR 4000's as our primary core  
infrastructure with an MTU of 9216. To make the change (this is  
Foundry-specific), we have to change some system-max settings which  
only take effect once the device has been rebooted (or at least it DID  
require a reboot in the IronWare 3.3.x days). It does NOT reboot  
immediately so you're free to make the change then perform a reboot at  
a convenient time.
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On Jan 30, 2009, at 11:57 AM, adrian kok wrote:

> Hi
> What is max mtu in jumbo frame?
> ls it 9000?
> Do I need to reboot the switch to take effect after
> setting up it?
> if it doesn't need to reboot, How can I know the
> switch is running fine in this mtu 9000? eg: cisco
> any tools to check?
> Thank you for your help
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