Weekly Routing Table Report

Routing Analysis Role Account cscora at apnic.net
Fri Jan 30 18:04:23 UTC 2009

This is an automated weekly mailing describing the state of the Internet
Routing Table as seen from APNIC's router in Japan.
Daily listings are sent to bgp-stats at lists.apnic.net

For historical data, please see http://thyme.apnic.net.

If you have any comments please contact Philip Smith <pfs at cisco.com>.

Routing Table Report   04:00 +10GMT Sat 31 Jan, 2009

Report Website:     http://thyme.apnic.net
Detailed Analysis:  http://thyme.apnic.net/current/

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-APNIC

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-ARIN

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-RIPE

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-LACNIC

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-AFRINIC

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-CIDRnet

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-badAS

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-dsua

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data-add-IANA

Complete listing at http://thyme.apnic.net/current/data/sXXas-nos

End of report

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