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Thu Jan 29 20:22:46 UTC 2009

I've never been happy with 'deinstall' fees of any sort. To me, this
is just a cost of doing business. The time necessary to remove such is
just accepted. It is assumed that the terms of the contract are long
enough that such costs become insignificant and should not be
something that gets passed along. Besides, if you turn right around
and reuse this for someone else, you haven't done a deinstall and are
therefore charging the customer for work that you did not actually

There are several different ways to argue both for and against such
fees but they always rub me the wrong way whenever I see them.

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 12:14:33PM -0800, Mark Kent wrote:
> On a slightly related topic, a US-based colo outfit used by a company
> I work with wants a fee to disconnect power to the cage.  The tenant
> had been there for years and, at contract renewal time, was lobbied
> hard ($$) by the colo company to reduce power consumption.
> The tenant worked for a few months and freed up 20 power circuits.
> The colo then said that they had a disconnect fee for each power
> circuit.
> Now, I think a reasonable fee is $0.   The colo wants considerably more.
> I won't bias you with the figure yet... please let me know what you
> think is reasonable, either by experience or just as a thought exercise.
> Thanks,
> -mark

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