ISP Unbundling circuits

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at
Thu Jan 29 15:30:14 UTC 2009

> Is it common for an ISP to install a lased line (circuit) and when the
> service ends, the service is not unbundled again but all the cabling is left
> where it is?  I have even seen that a circuit is still active on there
> exchanges after years and no one at the ISP seems to care that they are
> wasting there own resources.

At various jobs, I too have seen boxes of CPE gear waiting for the phone 
call out of the blue demanding it back, and circuits that are still live 
despite being disconnected ages ago (and not being paid for). On the 
home front, I canceled my digital cable years ago, but they never asked 
for the converter boxes back, nor did they physically disconnect the 
cable (I have satellite nowdays).

I have never seen them remove cables, etc. it's just too expensive to 
bother with. The exception to this is Verizon when they do a FiOS 
install .. except they actually remove the *competitor's* cables, if the 
customer asks them to (which is preceded by the question "hey .. while 
I'm up there, I can take down that ugly wire if you ask me to..").



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