ISP Unbundling circuits

Colin Alston karnaugh at
Thu Jan 29 13:31:40 UTC 2009

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Jay Nugent wrote:
>    *EVERY* ISP I have consulted for has failed to perform the simplest of 
> Order Entry processes, including an item-by-item checklist of what to do 
> when a customer disconnects.  At each ISP we have found numerous circuits 
> still in place and being paid for month after month.  

Circuits seems worse, but they also don't seem to track their CPE at
all. We have boxes full of various teleco CPE, including some Cisco 800
and 1600 routers. I guess it costs more than it's worth to recover it,
but the irritating thing is we have to hold it "incase" they ever ask
for it.

I even have a cabinet full of patch/cross-connect gear at one site. The
teleco took some of the NTU kit from it when it was cancelled, said they
would be back for the rest and 2 years later there it stands :)

Murpheys' law says the instant I tie it to the roof of my car, they will
ask when they can come collect it...
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