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> Hi everyone,
> Is it common for an ISP to install a lased line (circuit) and when the
> service ends, the service is not unbundled again but all the cabling is left
> where it is?  I have even seen that a circuit is still active on there
> exchanges after years and no one at the ISP seems to care that they are
> wasting there own resources.

   *EVERY* ISP I have consulted for has failed to perform the simplest of 
Order Entry processes, including an item-by-item checklist of what to do 
when a customer disconnects.  At each ISP we have found numerous circuits 
still in place and being paid for month after month.  

   Only when we have gone through all of their circuit billings and
customer accounts do we find all the loose ends and get their record
keeping cleaned up.  And then set them up with internal processes and
databases that prevent such costly errors.

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