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Call for Presentations

The African Network Operators' Group (AfNOG) invites applications from
people who wish to teach a tutorial, make a presentation, or chair a
panel discussion at the 10th AfNOG meeting in Cairo, Egypt, in May
2009. We also invite programme suggestions from other people.

AfNOG and AfriNIC are jointly organising a two-week event that includes
the AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology (offering advanced training in
a week-long hands-on workshop), several full-day Tutorials, a one-day
AfNOG meeting, and a two-day AfriNIC meeting. Further information about
the event may be found at <> and

Venue for the event will be announced shortly

About AfNOG
AfNOG (see <>) is a forum for cooperation and the
exchange of technical information between operators of
Internet-connected networks in Africa. AfNOG has organised an event like
this one every year since 2000.

About the Tutorials & Conference
The AfNOG Conference takes the form of a series of short presentations
followed by open discussions, during which network operators from around
the continent share experiences, discuss problems and their solutions as
well as interact on various issues affecting African networking.

The conference has in the past attracted over 200 participants, mainly
consisting of engineering staff from national service providers,
managers from IT Enterprises and members of the research and education

Several tutorials will be offered before the AfNOG conference from 17 -
18 May 2009. Tutorials are technical workshops which focus on a
particular subject in-depth and should be non-commercial in
nature. Tutorials take place in a classroom-style environment, and may
include a hands-on practical component. They are intended to offer
advanced training relating to technology already deployed or soon to be
deployed on networking and related services provisioning for ISP

Potential Areas of Interest

    * Routing Operations: Rural Connectivity Solution, IPv4 and IPv6
      Routing, MPLS, Backbone operations, Traffic Engineering
    * Services Operations: DNS, Email, VOIP, Content Development, Open
      Source Tools and Analysis
    * Security Operations: NSP-Sec, DDoS, Security Operations, Anti-SPAM,
    * Internet Provider Relationships: IXP Operations, Peering
    * Technologies: Wireless, WiMax, DSL, Broadband access aggregation
    * Internet Governance

    * Network Monitoring and Management
    * Wireless Networking
    * Advanced Routing
    * DNSSEC
    * IPV6
    * VOIP

How to Submit
People interested in making a presentation, or chairing a panel
discussion at the AfNOG meeting are invited to submit a proposal not
later than 28 February 2008

We ask that the following information be sent in an email message to
<afnog-presentations09 at>.

    * speaker/presenter name and affiliation
    * email address and phone number
    * nature of the proposal (conference presentation, panel discussion,
      or tutorial)
    * proposed title
    * requested time allocation (for conference presentations or panel
      discussions: 30 minutes to 2 hours).
    * an abstract of no more than 200 words
    * permission to reproduce your presentation after the event,
      including permission to post it on the AfNOG website.

The Programme Committee also welcomes suggestions and expressions of
interest, even if you don't have all the above information.

Funding and Support

AfNOG is a not-for-profit event and because limited funds are available,
conference presenters and tutorial instructors are expected to cover
their travel expenses. However, tutorial instructor or conference
presenters are exempted from paying registration fees.

Submission deadline:      28 Feb 2009
Notification by:          15 March 2009
Final Program Published:  31 March 2009
Send Requests to:         afnog-presentations09 at

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