New ISP to market, BCP 38, and new tactics

Steve Bertrand steve at
Mon Jan 26 01:52:36 UTC 2009

Although I've posted to this list before, I don't want to waste your
time. This is an ops question, so I'm looking for direction, off-list if

We are a *very* small I-SP, and am just now being put in the position to
be a backup transit for a client.

Currently, our 'upstream' advertises our route for us,
from my AS 14270 (SBE96-ARIN). As I've wanted to do this myself for some
time, the upstream has had issues allowing me to do so.

I've also been advertising 2607:f118::/32 via BGP peering to kind people
who have been sensitive to the lack of my 'upstream's' inability to
provide me with native access.

Now, I am about to force my 'upstream' to allow me to bring my
advertisement (v4) back to me, I would like off-list feedback of any/all
documentation that I should be aware of regarding filtering.

I've proven that my 'upstream' doesn't do pull-up routes, doesn't filter
BOGON, and given that they have no clients other than myself that have
their own IP space, most likely is not capable of doing anything beyond
a simple peering session.

I've done much research on RPSL, BCP 38, and other basic filter methods
(and from a systems standpoint, I always follow an
allow,allow,default-deny approach) , and I am willing to follow all
standards and recommended practises to ensure compliance with current
Internet standards.

Although we are small with minimal resources, I feel that touching this
list is my best approach to ensure that when I do begin advertising
routes, I conform to the most practical, realistic and best current
common standards regarding IPv4 route advertisement and filtering.

I hate being a 'rat', so I won't state who does what for AS14270 (on the
v4 side of things). I have a 100Mbps fibre link from Cobourg Ontario, to
_provider_ in 151 Front Toronto. My 'new' connection (which I control),
is a direct link to Hydro One.

I am open to bandwidth/connection options regarding this feed to
Toronto, if you are commercially inclined,



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