Are we really this helpless? (Re: isprime DOS in progress)

Danny McPherson danny at
Sat Jan 24 05:16:24 UTC 2009

On Jan 23, 2009, at 10:06 PM, David Conrad wrote:

> Sad fact is that there are zillions of excuses.  Unfortunately I  
> suspect the only way we're going to make any progress on this will  
> be for laws to be passed (or lawsuits to be filed) that impose a  
> financial penalty on ISPs through which these attacks propagate.

Yep, some external force is apparently necessary,

We've been encouraging, and asking, and measuring intensely
for over a dozen years now, and the application of anti-
spoofing is still dismal < ~60%).  I used to be sympathetic
to the arguments about infrastructure support, resources,
tools, etc..  I consider those argument no longer valid and
operators who don't implement ingress BCP 38 style filtering


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