isprime DOS in progress

Harald Koch chk at
Wed Jan 21 18:24:22 UTC 2009

Graeme Fowler wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-01-20 at 14:55 -0600, Todd T. Fries forwarded:

> I've been seeing a lot of noise from the latter two addresses after
> switching on query logging (and finishing an application of Team Cymru's
> excellent template) so I decided to DROP traffic from the addresses
> (with source port != 53) at the hosts in question.
> Well, blow me down if they didn't completely stop talking to me. Four
> dropped packets each, and they've gone away.

I've seen that behaviour in the past, but not this time?

I've seen a few of these attacks bouncing off my nameservers recently, 
and when I add "DROP" rules to my firewall, the incoming traffic 
disappears soon after. But the most recent set ( and are still hammering away...


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