Approach to allocating netblocks

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I hesitate to put my customers in "the Lagrange point between clueless and lazy" because they're SMBs doing what 99% of the other SMBs out there do.  I have some customers who are in the hub in a multi-site VPN network and renumbering would be very painful.

While Renumbering has all the positives you mentioned, it's a sure way to sour the customer relationship.  Much cheaper, long-term, to set aside adjacent address space.


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> But perhaps the BCP is to make the customer renumber, in which case I'm
> making things more complicated than they need to be.

Most customers with PA space (which is what you are giving them) are quite
used to renumbering. If not, they will become, given v6 PAishness. 

Renumbering is not to be avoided at all costs, because: 

Renumbering cleans cruft and finds mishaps waiting to happen.
Renumbering rewards those who have done proper configuration separation. 
Renumbering rewards those who have automated their systems management.  
Renumbering thus is good for you. 

There are economic incentives (keeping the customer because said customer
hovers in the Lagrange point between clueless and lazy) to let suboptimal
numbering schemes fester. Might alter picture above, but from operational
standpoint renumbering is not that bad. 

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