Cogent Haiku v2.0

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The main problem I see is peering wars and a lack of diversity, we have
seen a couple incidents where they have dropped all or part of their
connectivity to our market (seattle), during the latter they had major
packet-loss which was frankly more annoying than them being down...
Issues also tend to be a tad more frequent than other providers but on
the whole, really not that bad.

We basically use cogent as private peering to reach their customers.
Operationally the incredibly annoying part is their helpdesk-style
attitude towards prefix-lists, if you have a few prefixes this is no big
deal but if you are like us and have 30+ downstream ASNs it can get
annoying to repetadily explain to techs who don't get it why you need to
have them add more routes, do le 24 matching (to limit the number of
times we call) or to increase their max-prefix limit.   If they were not
so cheap I would cancel them just due to the lack of RADB support but at
least they have no uRPF filters so I have taken to just doing batch
prefix-list updates with them every few months as my sanity-saving

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Aside from the occasional peering wars i've never had or witnessed any
serious issues with Cogent. If you want some redundancy you might also
try some other similarly priced providers like WBS Connect, HE, or

Best regards, Jeff

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 12:54 PM, Mike Bartz <mob at>
> I like the haiku!  On a serious note, we are considering getting a
> connection from Cogent.  We currently have connections to at&t, Level
> 3 and TW Telecom.  The low cost and high number of peer AS number's
> seems appealing to us.  Every carrier has its issues, so I don't know
> what to make of the apparent negativity that I am seeing in these
> haiku threads.  I am looking for some first hand experiences to help
> me make this decision.
> Thanks for any assistance!
> Mike
> On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 9:59 PM, neal rauhauser <nrauhauser at>
>> Cogent makes a mess
>> My phone rings and rings
>> Unfornicate this!
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