Anyone notice strange announcements for

Murtaza leothelion.murtaza at
Wed Jan 14 19:46:06 UTC 2009

Knowing the Randy's research, i am sure that Randy will be doing great work
this time too. Being a network researcher I can not wait more to see results
of this experiments.
But, even then I dont think it was a real smart thing to do without prior

> And yes, it applies in the network world as well. When we pre-announce "We
> will be doing network scans from IP address w.x.y.z", we have a lot of
> users
> who will just blindly firewall off that IP rather than fixing their real
> issue
> they know the scan will detect...
> I think if this could have been the case in the network security research
then we would not have some this far (though it still is not that far :) )
in the field. People have contributed specifically for research in the past
and I hope will remain doing so.

Ghulam Murtaza
Lahore University of Management Sciences

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