Approach to allocating netblocks

Aidan Whyte aidanwhyte at
Wed Jan 14 17:04:40 UTC 2009

I guess it might depend on the general profile of your customers'
requirements, but I'd imagine that non-contiguous blocks will be far
more efficient in the long run, with the added benefit of no need for
customers to pursue a renumbering plan every N years which should
nearly always be avoided in any case imho. Obviously, the smaller the
average block size the less efficient it becomes. If the customers are
honest in their expected future ip address requirements it shouldn't
be that often that they'll need more address space in any case.


2009/1/14 Frank Bulk <frnkblk at>:
> Secondary IPs, additional documentation and confusion, and less efficient
> use of address space, are just a few negatives of assigning more netblocks.
> Frank
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> Perhaps I'm missing something, but I've never seen much of a problem
> with non-contiguous blocks for customer address space expansion..

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