Are you getting Spam from Crossfire Media?

William Hamilton bill at
Wed Jan 14 14:52:30 UTC 2009


> 	- is used to send mail to anyone who reads it on a Windows box
> 	- is used to send mail to any mail server running on a Windows box
> is going to be harvested -- it's only a question of when, and from there,
> it's only a question of when spammers will start trying to deliver to it.

Those are some quite sweeping generalisations there.

What if I read my mail on a Windows box yet my mail service is a Linux
host - does that mean I have a 50% chance of being harvested eventually?

I also have a Macbook that I sometimes use to read my email on, what does
that do to my chances?

I agree that it *is* very rude when someone takes a mailing list and makes
a public archive, but it has already been pointed out that anyone even
remotely interested in obtaining addresses can join the list and get
addressed and last-used data - plus a myriad other ways that addresses can
be obtained.

I have an email address and I have no real control over what a third party
might do to my email address, ergo I am going to get spam eventually.

>From looking back at the thread it seems that the spam was the result of a
list being re-purposed for something else. If it was in the UK then there
is legislation that would allow you to have a good go at the company, but
all the technical and legal solutions in the world can't cure a lack of


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