Anyone notice strange announcements for

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Jan 12 23:20:28 UTC 2009

> Now that doesn't mean other operators can't put in a lightning talk
> about the impact or 'event' this triggered in their own NOC environments
> along with what they recommend operators do to reduce the spun cycles <G>

great idea!

as i was about to send to someone else with a thinner skin than you :)

path poisoning is used operationally, though we suspect somewhat 
ill-advisedly.  but the proof of the latter will be in the pudding.

imiho, alarm systems that raise a real alert about my asn being in the 
as path of *someone else's prefix* are systems i would repair.  at most, 
it's a "when you're bored, take a look at this strangeness."

of course, we're sorry we set off folk's broken alarm systems :-)  [ 
sense of humor required, leo ]

and, fwiw, i liked the haiku!


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