Cogent Considerations [was: Re: Cogent Haiku v2.0]

Adam Young adam.young at
Mon Jan 12 18:07:45 UTC 2009

Mike Bartz wrote:
> I like the haiku!  On a serious note, we are considering getting a
> connection from Cogent.  We currently have connections to at&t, Level
> 3 and TW Telecom.  The low cost and high number of peer AS number's
> seems appealing to us.  Every carrier has its issues, so I don't know
> what to make of the apparent negativity that I am seeing in these
> haiku threads.  I am looking for some first hand experiences to help
> me make this decision.
> Thanks for any assistance!

Hey Mike,

I wouldn't take my word for it but truthfully, you get what you pay for.
 Given you have other, more reliable transit, adding Cogent may be ok.
I wouldn't rely on it for anything serious though.

Hope this helps,

Adam Young

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