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Nick Hilliard nick at
Thu Jan 8 23:15:26 UTC 2009

Dennis Dayman wrote:
> So I apologize for that test, but I can no longer see posts to the list.
> I can send to the list, but I don't get a copy of my posts or anyone
> else's. My MTA is not blocking anything nor does it ever get a
> connection from MERIT mail servers to send me a copy of the posts. I
> also don't receive PSWD reset emails.
> Anyone know who I can talk to?


As you've already found out, the most important thing when dealing with a
situation like this is to mail the list itself with a test message.  If the
first one doesn't come through, it's considered quite acceptable to send a
couple of others, just to test out various mods at your end.  Don't worry
that your junk is going to end up in five thousand peoples' mailboxes.
They won't mind - after all, your subscription to the mailing list is
really important, and they all realise this!

Real NANOG m/l subscribers don't bother with search engines to find out how
to deal with problems like this.  This is because it's much faster and more
efficient to mail the list with a request for help.  Forget the fact that
NANOG uses standard mailman conventions.  Other mailing list subscribers
will fall over themselves in the rush to help users like you who are having
email trouble because of issues unrelated to the mailing list.  But you've
done this too!  Congrats, you're one heck of a power user!

Now that you've taken the two most important steps towards getting your
issues dealt with, the next step is to wait for other people to diagnose
and hopefully fix your problem for free.  Remember that this is the
internet and everything is free on the internet, including expert
consultancy on mail problems and most importantly, peoples' time.  And as
before, if it doesn't get fixed soon, just remember to send a couple more
emails to the list to embarrass the list administrators into finally fixing
your problems.  This is a sure-fire way of getting the problem dealt with
in a timely manner.

hope this helps,


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